Restaurants and boutique retail stores are Madison Park and Madison Valley’s primary draw for residents and visitors; however, the neighborhoods are also home to quite a few notable service providers.

The area features an impressive array of apparel, home & gift, and novelty stores – many of which have been recognized by Seattle Magazine and other local publications. This includes Canopy Blue and Guesthouse, two Madison Valley and Madison Park businesses awarded in Seattle Magazine’s list of Best Shops in Seattle 2012. Many of these stores have constant turnover with their product offerings, so there is always something new to be found on their shelves and in their beautifully-designed storefront windows.

Guesthouse owner Kate Sehulster poses out in front of her store.
Guesthouse owner Kate Sehulster poses out in front of her store.

Not only is the area a great place for new retail shops looking to attract the seasonal shoppers to the Madison Park/Madison Valley neighborhoods, but the restaurants here are major Seattle highlights. Some of Seattle’s best restaurateurs have chosen the Madison Park area for their restaurant creations, such as The Chef in the Hat (of Rover’s and Luc in Madison Valley), Thierry Rautureau. Other dining creations in the area include unique and talked-about eateries like Café Flora – a vegetarian and vegan-only hotspot right on E Madison Street.

Madison Park businesses

All along Madison Street almost a dozen spas, salons, and similar service shops. Get your hair done for a big event, treat yourself to a high-quality manicure and/or pedicure, and indulge in a massage or facial – it’s all available in the Madison Park and Madison Valley neighborhood. In addition, quite a few investment bankers, real estate agencies, and therapists call the area home to their businesses. We even have a veterinary hospital and our own postal shop, Park Postal.

Not only are Madison Park and Madison Valley great neighborhoods in which to live, their businesses offer excellent dining, shopping, and services. It’s a wonderful community for residence, recreation, and doing business.