Early in the morning on Thursday, January 12th, a bout of gunfire damaged a Madison Valley home. SPD responded to the home near 28th Avenue East and East Mercer Street just before 1 a.m. after reports of shots fired. A caller reported finding bullet holes in the walls of his home, including a bullet lodged in the frame of his bed. No injuries were reported in the incident, however a car parked near the home was also damaged. The resident of the home told police he was unsure as to why his house had been targeted.

Police searched the area for a car that had been seen speeding away from the scene after the shooting, but they were unable to apprehend any suspects and no arrests were made.

The suspect in the robbery of a Madison Park bank remains at-large, wearing a black motorcycle helmet.

Seattle Police were called to a bank near the corner of 40th and East Madison Street at 3:30 p.m. yesterday, September 6th, with reports of a robbery. It wasn’t reported how much – if any – cash was taken, but police did say that the suspect did not brandish a weapon during the attempt.

Although they did not identify the bank that was robbed, a branch of Wells Fargo is the closest bank to the designated intersection where the robbery took place. The suspect was wearing a motorcycle helmet at the time of the robbery, which made it difficult to identify him. He is described as being approximately 6 feet tall, and was wearing a black jacket and gloves in addition to the helmet at the time of the robbery.

This remains an open investigation, as police search for the suspect. Please contact police directly with any information.

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A concerned citizen flagged down Seattle Police late Monday morning when they saw a cockatoo bird perched on a truck in the 1400 block of Harvard Avenue. The bird had, according to reports, made its way from Madison Valley to Capitol Hill by way of car-surfing.

According to SPD, the witness saw a white bird “hanging out on a car in the area and appeared stranded.” Police asked around, but no one in the area claimed the bird, so they coaxed the pet into a patrol car to keep it secure until its owner could be found.

An online search revealed an Instagram page for a bird matching the runaway’s description, named Peaches McFly, complete with an old post about the Instagram bird being missing before. Police contacted the person managing the page, and she turned out to be the bird’s owner, Taryn Smethers. “I drove over to meet them, we chatted, Peaches played with them, they took some selfies and had a good time until they got a call and had to leave,” Taryn said in a Kiro 7 News report.

Smethers said she and Peaches had been at Cal Anderson Park, and that her pet has a history of ‘car-surfing’. “Peaches, like that other McFly, sometimes “car surfs” on slow-moving vehicles to travel about the East Precinct.”

According to the bird’s Instagram page, “Peaches is a free-flying socialite Seattleite cockatoo. He has much autonomy and can often be found playing and socializing at local parks.”

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A swimmer at Madison Beach in Madison Park was reported missing on Sunday night at about 9:15 p.m., when he went into the water and didn’t resurface. He was found safely at home on Monday morning.

“He is alive and well,” police said in a Seattle Times update on the story, which was published just before noon on Monday.

The man is in his 20s, and was doing repeated high dives at the beach. He was swimming with two other people when he disappeared. Diving crews searched the water for about an hour on Sunday night, before they had to call off the rescue efforts due to poor visibility in the water.

He was presumed drowned and the efforts became a recovery mission until he was found safe at home on Monday. It is unclear whether the man knew crews were searching for him, since police state that the person who called 911 simply didn’t see the man resurface and leave the beach on Sunday night.

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