The Madison Park Blogger published a fantastic post today about the recent arrival of a bridge pontoon on the north side of the SR 520 floating bridge. Apparently the pontoon was concerning Madison Park residents, and Bryan Tagas, the man behind the “Madison Park Blogger” investigated.

“We quizzed WSDOT on the subject and can reassuringly report that while the bridge will not be that high and wide at this particular Westside venue, Pontoon W is ultimately destined to be placed on the Eastside of the bridge – where it will be that wide and, actually, even higher (the roadbed, obviously, will go on top of the columns),” Tagas wrote.

You can read more about that pontoon (Pontoon W) on the Madison Park Blogger site. In the meantime, we thought it valuable to give a little update on the SR 520 floating bridge replacement project as a whole – particularly since we’re now a few weeks into boating season.

Due to the opening of boating season, the drawspan of the current 520 bridge will be opening more often to let boats through. You can sign up for alerts of openings to know when to use other routes – click here for more information about that.

Like with Pontoon W, WSDOT has begun the repair implementation process for the first pontoons coming from Aberdeen. The goal is to make all repairs necessary so that the new floating bridge will have a 75-year life. Last week, on June 7th, Pontoon A was towed through the ship canal to Lake Washington to prepare that pontoon for repairs. In the last few months, six more pontoons were finished and eight more are under construction now.

Other SR 520 floating bridge construction updates include the completion of setting the final anchors of the 58 that will hold the new floating bridge in place. The first roadway section for the Medina section of the bridge was poured.

Check out the latest WSDOT SR 520 floating bridge construction updates by clicking here. If you have questions about the project, or concerns, call the construction hotline at 425-576-7098 or email

Featured photo from WSDOT’s Flickr page, showing Pontoon A being towed under I-5.

Some eateries will be doing it the prix-fixe way, while others are just doing a la carte as usual with some special additions – there are at least four Madison Valley and Madison Park restaurants doing a Mother’s Day Brunch this Sunday, May 12th.

Classic and Italian-Inspired Breakfast/Lunch at Café Parco: Café Parco does brunch Friday through Sunday, but they’re excited to make Mom feel special this Sunday. Visit this gem among Madison Park restaurants this Sunday between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (hurry, they only have a few reservations left!) for three-egg scrambles, Frittatas, waffles, a variety of French toast options, sandwiches, salads, and more. Click here to check out their brunch menu, and make a reservation by calling 206-328-4757.

Spinach scramble at Cafe Flora. Photo credit:
Spinach scramble at Cafe Flora. Photo credit:

Vegetarian and Vegan Brunch at Café Flora: Café Flora is doing a delicious prix-fixe Mother’s Day brunch, with plenty of meatless novelties, between 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. The cost is $30 for adults and $15 for kids. Begin your brunch with a Citrus Napoleon and fresh baked pastries, followed by your choice of a Duck Egg and Root Vegetable Latke Benedict, Strawberry Tiramisu French Toast, or Wild Mushroom Spring Sopes. For the final (sweet course), options include a chocolaty Theo Trio, Wonderwoman Trifle, or Mango Sorbet. View the full menu here. Call 206-325-9100 for reservations.

Leek frittata at Harvest Vine. Photo credit:
Leek frittata at Harvest Vine. Photo credit:

Brunch Tapas at The Harvest Vine: When we contacted The Harvest Vine today, they said that they’ll be doing their usual a la carte brunch menu, plus some specials for this Mother’s Day, although they weren’t quite set yet in what those specials will be. Brunch is 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and their usual menu includes plenty of tasty Basque-inspired fare. Try their Pan Tostado – grilled bread with chocolate spread or house-made preserves, or their Revuelto de Pato Confitado – lightly-scrambled eggs with duck confit and caramelized onions. Make a reservation online, or call 206-320-9771.

Three-Course French Fare Brunch at Luc: Enjoy a tasty French brunch at Madison Valley’s Luc restaurant this Mother’s Day. The cost is $35 per person for three courses, which will be served between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Click here for the special menu, which includes both breakfast items and lunch fare to satisfy everyone in your party. Call 206-328-6645 to reserve your table.

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone – we hope you enjoy some excellent food at one of these fantastic neighborhood restaurants!

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You can never repay your mother for your upbringing, but you can definitely shower her with gratitude and gifts to show your appreciation! Sunday May 12th is fast approaching, and if you’re like me and wait until the last minute every year, know that there is still time to get her something really great this year. Here is a list of possible gift ideas she’ll be happy to open.

Julep Nail Parlour – I’ve never met a mother who didn’t appreciate a good pedicure, and  the manicurists over at Julep sure know how to paper a gal.  Along with manis and pedis, they also offer an array of facials, and have gift sets available online and in store.

Frenchy’s Day Spa – This Parisian inspired day spa in Madison Park has all the frills, candor and fun you could ask for! They have all the services under the moon – I’d suggest the hot stone massage, and for the pregnant mom the Mellow Mama massage which includes safe and prenatal techniques to relax those lower back muscles that are carrying that little hump.

Pike Place Market Flowers– You can’t get a bouquet that will look as beautiful and last as long as a custom bouquet from one of the vendors in Pike Place Market. It might be worth going down to the Market on Saturday to beat the crowd, and get a nice bundle before they’re picked over on Sunday.

Hitchcock Madrona – Does your mother love unique jewelry? How about loud scarves and hats? This Madrona boutique is the place to find uber chic unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else in Seattle. They rotate through artists, so you’ll be sure to come home with a one of a kind piece she’ll love, and if  aren’t sure what to get, the owner Erica is usually around to help you on your quest for the perfect gem.

Theo’s Chocolate –  Sweetest treats in Seattle, this delightful local chocolate shop is the first certified organic fair trade fair for life bean-to-chocolate factory in America. They have some of the most unique flavors like Coconut curry, chai latte, and cherry & chili! My advice if you’re not going for the collection of bars, get her the big daddy pack- a layer of graham cracker, vanilla infused caramel, and marshmallow covered in dark chocolate- YUM!

There will be a public hearing held on Monday April 22nd, to discuss the proposal to install a new playground in Washington Park! The proposal has finally made the recommendations list for funding from the 2012/2013 Opportunity fund! The Opportunity Fund provides $15 Million in funding for community initiated park developments, or property acquisition project in the area. Parks are projected to be given $8 million in funding towards projects in the 2012/2013 cycle of the Opportunity fund. Curious what you can do to help the project? Come on down and show your support for the project at the Public hearing!

The hearing is the final step before a recommendation package would be sent to the Mayor and City Council, and a strong community support group for the project could certainly help solidify the chance for approval. Ann Frank and Michelle Mckelvey will be giving a two minute presentation on the project, and if interested community members can sign up to speak on a first come first serve basis. You may want to get there early if you wish to get the chance to speak- this is the last opportunity for public comments, before the final decision is made in July. The meeting will be held from 6-9pm at the Miller Community Center. See you there!