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Norelle is a content enthusiast living and working in Seattle, Washington. With a background in journalism, she spends her time writing and managing content of all shapes and sizes in her position as Director of Content Marketing at Marketeering Group. On the side, she enjoys meeting and getting to know authors and writers in the Seattle area, whom she features regularly on her blog,

The “Ramps to Nowhere” Are Coming Down!

You know those useless freeway ramps, which have been spanning the Arboretum waterways for decades? They’ve lasted through the changes to 520, and continue to end without connection to roadways or freeway, but they’re finally getting torn down due to…
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Madison Park Events: 4 Things to Do in February

Although the wintertime is pretty slow in our neighborhood, we’d like to get the ball rolling on a monthly Madison Park events update so you know what to expect (and plan for) in the coming weeks! Look for our “Things…
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