Alethea Myers

Photo: Jony Ariadi

Has someone ever done something kind and unexpected for you? Have you ever wanted to return the favor? Saturday, February 10th is designated as Neighbor Day, a day set aside for random. or planned, acts of kindness.

So what does Neighbor Day entail? posted a helpful list (see above link) of ideas and ways to extend kindness in your community and beyond. It’s a way to reach out (often neglected in our busy, digital world) to an individual or group of people. It’s initiating conversation or good works with a neighbor or even a stranger, and to pay it forward. Unlike commercialized holidays with often added stress and expectations, people don’t expect anything on Neighbor Day, so are often pleasantly surprised when someone reaches out to do something nice for them.

We live in a world where events are currently accelerating at a rapid pace, and not always in a good way. But even in the midst of war (physical and digital), shady political agendas (usually not in our favor), and weather intensified by global warming (fires, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis), there are always individuals striving, and making, a positive difference in someone else’s life. We don’t need to wait for a catastrophic event to take action: it can be found in the brownies we bake, the laundry we carry/wash for someone, the dog we walk, or a smile or word to lighten your neighbor’s day.

Let’s strive, in some small way, to make every day a Neighbor Day.

Are you prepared for Trick-or-Treating in downtown Madison Park?
All of the local merchants between 41st Avenue East and 43rd Ave. E. (close to Madison Park Beach) will be dressing up in costume and handing out treats again this year. Some may even share a joke or two!

Plan to bring the kiddies on Tuesday, October 31st from 4:00-6:00 pm for this family-friendly event. Around 300 families from the community usually attend, and it’s expected that there will be as many this year as well.

The Madison Park Co-op Preschool is providing a photo booth at Triangle Park, located in front of Bing’s Food & Drink at 4200 East Madison Street. Come one, come all! And Happy Halloween to you!

Photo: Julia Raasch