A concerned citizen flagged down Seattle Police late Monday morning when they saw a cockatoo bird perched on a truck in the 1400 block of Harvard Avenue. The bird had, according to reports, made its way from Madison Valley to Capitol Hill by way of car-surfing.

According to SPD, the witness saw a white bird “hanging out on a car in the area and appeared stranded.” Police asked around, but no one in the area claimed the bird, so they coaxed the pet into a patrol car to keep it secure until its owner could be found.

An online search revealed an Instagram page for a bird matching the runaway’s description, named Peaches McFly, complete with an old post about the Instagram bird being missing before. Police contacted the person managing the page, and she turned out to be the bird’s owner, Taryn Smethers. “I drove over to meet them, we chatted, Peaches played with them, they took some selfies and had a good time until they got a call and had to leave,” Taryn said in a Kiro 7 News report.

Smethers said she and Peaches had been at Cal Anderson Park, and that her pet has a history of ‘car-surfing’. “Peaches, like that other McFly, sometimes “car surfs” on slow-moving vehicles to travel about the East Precinct.”

According to the bird’s Instagram page, “Peaches is a free-flying socialite Seattleite cockatoo. He has much autonomy and can often be found playing and socializing at local parks.”

Featured photo source: Instagram.com


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