By Vincent Mullally, Ewing & Clark, Inc.

Market Statistics provided here for Seattle’s Washington Park neighborhood and are current as of this post date.


Single Family Properties SOLD in the last 90 days: 7

Average SqFt. for homes SOLD: 3,220

Average Price Per Square Foot: $530.21

Average Days On Market: 75

High $2,267,500 Low $639,000 Median $1,585,000

Sales Price To Listing Price 97.43%


Number of Homes Currently FOR SALE: 3

Average Square Feet: 4,485

Average Price Per Square Foot. $715.10

Average Days On Market: 145

High $4,786,000 Low $2,395,000 Median $2,495,000


Number Of Homes Currently PENDING: 5

Average Square Feet. 4,501

Average Price Per Square Foot. $481.91

Average Days On Market 88


Condominiums SOLD in the last 90 days: 1

SqFt. Of Condo SOLD: 1,750

Price Per Square Foot: $768.57

Days On Market: 113

Sales Price: $1,345,000 Original List Price: $1,499,000

Sales Price To Listing Price 105.60%


Number of Condominiums Currently FOR SALE: 0

Number Of Condominiums Currently Pending Inspection: 0

Number of Condominiums Currently Pending: 0


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